Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying to write a random story

One day there was a boy and he found a hen. The hen adopted a little duck.And they lived happily ever after. The end

JOKE XD That is actually the kind of stories Dad would tell us when we would ask him to tell us a story a looooooooooooooooooong time ago. Well, he would actually tell us about his childhood back then, when Lolo (Grandpa in Filipino :D) had a cow ranch or whatever, what his four siblings and him liked to do etc..... My fahvrit was one where he would watch an antlion capture its prey when he was in one house near his dad's ranch, and one where he would be commanded to eat his vegetables. He put them in his mouth, and when his parents weren't looking......................he'd spit it on the floor.........................................AHAHAHAHA and then......................................................he'd sweep the floor afterwards WOW DAD YOUR SO EPIC

Actually, I think I'll just post another random story from before, as my writing skills have been trapped with a zombie pigman in my brain HAHA JK

So my good friend and classmate Iolo asked me this question (HAY IOLO HOW'YA DOIN' BECOME A BETTER VIRTUOSO IN PIANO YET HAVE YOU TRIED TIMETRAVELLING TO MEET BEETHOVEN oh wait hang it all, hay is for horses!!!!!! ;D) and I just edited it a bit form the original one. (Warning: Graphic violence xD)

What's the best football game ever?
When I hit your face with an adidas soccer ball and David Luiz tackles you and one of my old mates Eman or Matt or Kyle or Aldrin or Marina in my old soccer class accidentally hits my neck with a ball and I faint and then Oscar catches me and says "HEY SANKA YOU DEAD AHHHHHHHHH NO MAN STAY ALIVE I LOVE YOU BROWH COME BACK PLEASE" and then he does cpr and does the kiss-of-life on me and you almost get K.O.ed because I hit you with a ball and then my friends from church come in playing football and Dean gets hit in the balls saving a penalty kick XD I go alive and slenderman comes and he eats everyone except for me and i kill him my impaling him wif a stick and im forever alone and then a rainicorn comes with finn and jake and we all played football and marceline eats the ball and i scream because the ball is dead the ball is dead the ball is dead rafa benitez takes away marcys guitar and she gets angry and then they begin a battle with each other. marceline eats all rafa's ties that always look like each other and rafa screams at her and beemo comes in with neptr tree trunks and an electric guitar. he (cause i think beemo's a he) screams "FOOTBALL!!!!! I AM FOOTBALL!!!!!!!" and slams the electric guitar on all their heads Tree trunks helps neptr make pies he throws them at everyone. jose mourinho comes and says "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING IN THE FIELD?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!" Iolo resurrects and says "Silence, I kill you! Freude!!!!! Get of my lawn jose" Luis Suarez bites him on the neck and says "IOLO FEAR ME IAM DRACULA HAHAHA" and Iolo becomes a suarez vampire and bites everyone else especially ivanovic who becomes Super Ultra Mega Smile Man from sesame street and beethoven appears to him as a hologram and scores a hat trick because petr čech is at the lemonade stand sipping lemonade by his son damian and then i just sit on the stands forever alone crying and Ludmilla oscar's wife comes and hugs me and says "hush, they're all weirdos and this is all a dream."
but lemme say that the best football game I've watched was the one against Man U on May 5.

Ok, I'm done. (in Australian accent) "MY WORD, NUDGE, THAT WAS LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

P.S. We also had an epic Worship Night. Everyone was stuffed in our house. Woo, more reasons to resurrect my original blog XD And my sister downloaded more Sesame Street podcasts and there's one where Bruno Mars brushes his teeth AND ELMO. HAS. HORRIBLY. TERRIFYING. WHITE. CREEPY. TEETH.


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