The Crazy Pioneer

Welcome, weary traveller, or some random stranger who picked up this site on the Internet, friend, to the World through the eyes of Samantha Adalia.

What, you ask, is the World through the eyes of Samantha Adalia? 

Well, that is the question this blog strives to answer with every post. 

Take it, perhaps, as a mystery to be solved, a secret about to be disclosed, a story to listen to, or as the light of a new star that is yet to reach the Earth.

I will lead you through this mystery, reveal to you this secret, tell you this story, but it is up to you to decide whether this is really the light of a new star that is worth basking in.

Why should I see the World through the eyes of Samantha Adalia?

Because, I have a hope, that however imperfect I may be in blogging, you will slowly be able to see the world as I do, not just so you will understand me (whether you love me or not [yet!]), but so that you will also understand, and, possibly learn something new about yourself and the world.

Now, who is Samantha Adalia?

I thought you were going to ask that question first, actually!

Oh well. 
I wish I could introduce myself like how Zola Jesus with M83, sings, 

But I can't.

I need my story. I need my real world. I can't just keep walking. 

I need my story because we humans are storied creatures - we communicate through stories, and obviously, a blog is a story.
So here's the basic story of my life:

I grew up as a wonder-filled child in a Filipino Christian family in Manila, Philippines. We moved to Kathmandu, Nepal, when I was ten. I love both countries to bits; they are home to me, even despite cultural differences, distance, and struggles, because I belong.
The things I'm terribly good at (ha ha.) are drawing and writing - but I've always wanted to be a scientist, and right now I'm searching for my calling along the line of vocations. I also play the violin and sing.
I am a Jesus freak, homeschooler, dreamer, synaesthete, and wannabe revolutionary. I own more than a hundred books. I listen to lots of music. I watch TV after dinner with my family. I also like watching movies, reading blogs, art, fangirling, newspapers, coffee shops, long roadtrips, washing dishes, and chocolate.

I've told this a thousand times over, and it's your choice to either just stay with that, or hang around for a while and hear what more I have to say.

I need my real world, because heyyyy
Sometimes it's a real pain to live in the real world. Yet, that's how we get our dreams, don't we?

I can't just keep walking, for obvious reasons, and sometimes it's best to keep still or wait a while.

But at least… I can become the stories. I can become the places. I can become the lights. I can become the deserts. I can become the far-away worlds

I am still not sure of who I really am, but I suppose this answer will do for now.

Having processed all of this information, what do I do next?
I asked you to answer a question in my answer to your second question answer question answer question ("it is up to you to decide whether this is really the light of a new star that is worth basking in"), yup I hope this is the answer to your question…

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it, and am looking forward to hear if you've decided to start this journey with me.


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