Friday, July 17, 2015

A little note on my departure

I’m really sad to tell you all that I’m going to leave this blog. Gah haha, I’ve actually already started a new one, and this note is long overdue. But, anyways, better late than never…

As a few friends who were crazy enough to read my blog from top to bottom (just kidding, you guys are awesome) know, I started this blog on August 2013, when I was a twelve year-old because, well, I wanted to make a blog just for kicks. 


And, oh em gee; this is the bomb:

Little did I know during those very first months (when I would just pick a random meme or GIF or an obscure reference only I alone could understand, write a few words about it, and then post it) that down the line, I would discover that I had a real knack for blogging, and after participating in Jeff Goins’s ‘Intentional Blogging Challenge’ I knew I wanted to take this blogging thing seriously.

And after delving deeper down this venture, I decided that I would like a fresh start on blogging, because for the most part of ‘Kalam Argument’, I didn’t really know where I was going and why, and I pretty much wrote from my befuzzled, child’s mind transitioning into adolescence. As things stand now, I think I’m in a different season, and that it’s time to move on to another phase.

Now, I consider my documentation of what happened inside my head during those transition years as a valuable keepsake, and even if a large percentage of that is embarrassing (and amusing for me, tbh, but for me) in my opinion, it’s very difficult for me to let go, because it would be a part of me I’d be deleting! So I’ll be leaving this blog pretty much untouched. That is - unless Google does something about it.

Well – that’s another reason why I’m starting another blog, which is now on Wordpress! I’m not much of a techie person, but after reading a number of ‘Blogger vs. Wordpress’ articles, I’ve been pretty much convinced to go move over there :P And also, for the past year I’ve written about what I think really showcases my life and thoughts, and I wanted to keep on it, but I had a hard time keeping my blog together because I felt what I was doing now was inconsistent compared with my past content, but I hadn’t the heart to erase it all to start over, and that the Blogger interface was bugging me. For the life of me, I couldn’t ever figure out how my favourite Blogger blogs have such brilliant themes, and as I said, I’m not a techie person (lol despite having an IT consultant for a dad) and if you don’t like my theme, know that I dislike it as much as you (hey, I tried xD).

Well, TL;DR:

I like to think of this situation as a metamorphosis, and Kalam Argument - no matter how flawed it has been, has served as a very important cocoon for my blogging process. Though all cocoons eventually wither away, I shall look back and feel grateful for this snug, scratchy, and oddball little cocoon, because without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Ah well. Wonderfilledsam is now my soggy, developing butterfly, and she shall be overjoyed to have you as her audience while she will try to take on the skies!

And to you, dear reader, however you’ve been brought here – the random currents of the Internet and Google, a hopefully well-established friendship, or my Mom, thank you for coming over (and for those who discovered this for the first time, I'm really sorry, but yeah…). You are welcome to examine this little quirky chrysalis, and I do suggest you check the results of my emerging butterfly brainchild, whether you’d like to check it now, or after you’ve seen the good and awkward and totally weird sides of this blog!

Well, it’s finally come to the point to say goodbye. Kalam Argument, you have served me well. Thank you so much.


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