Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HBD JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!! (part 1)

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomy head is so blasted right now I don't know what to post

PLUS!!!! I have to wrap ALLLLL my gifts tomorrow because I am a sad leetle procrastinator :'(

I still really miss our Filipino celebration back in the homeland; Nepal is a noob at Christmas, having only inaugurated the holiday five years ago. Even my Dad has feels 

"I don't feel Christmas" O_O ;-; but yeah, we're here to make Nepal all Christmas-y I think YAY

ANYWAY Merry Christmas to you all--I don't think there's even a single person reading this blog but still :D--party rock Jesus's birthday 'cause Christmas is an occasion for ALLLLL ye peoples it's truuuee ;) and love, love, love, love (joy, peace and hope)!! THIS IS SO AWESOME woooo 

but it's still the Eve
no it's not! lol
"Zoomed out while taking a picture of my Christmas tree" [CHRISTMAS INTENSIFIES] from

Monday, December 23, 2013


OMG ARSENAL VS CHELSEA AT 1:45 AM imma probably watch 

and I can't really stop laughing at this video 
Awwww, I just figured out three months later Jesús Navas has chronic homesickness so seeing this video again in March gives me tears XD

I'm still weeping after White House Down (no, really, I still am.)

"They will beat their swords into 
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
      nor will they train for war anymore."
-Micah 4:3

It's late now, so I won't ride on my feelcopter and burst into tears about White House Down here. 
Oh, and I didn't know that Emily Cale was Ramona from Ramona and Beezus till the end of the credits WOWLOL

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My aunt attempts to make memes

 Maybe the usage of Impact could've been an improvement? XD Tita EDs, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and make more memes pleeeeeeeease

Friday, December 20, 2013


Lol, I may or may not be the first one to think of 'Winter Wonderland' Frozen style. But the way I conveyed it in above picture wasn't the way I'd originally imagined it and I had to draw it four times because I didn't like how I drew them (I'll probably draw another version lol k? Loki. hahahahahahha) and last-minute Christmas gift making/wrapping x_x.... 

AND I CAN NOT believe that I missed the Chelsea Q&A wif Juan, Fernando, and Cesar T_T and I didn't even read any LOTR

He tries to speak everything!
He tries?
When I went to Israel I tried to speak Hebrew.
Was it good?

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY COLE AND EUNICE UMALIIIIIIIIIII WOO (December seems to be packed with over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!birthdays.)

Time to wake up, for realz.

Seriously, this tumblr-radared gif by lowinterest reminds me of earthisdying's Time to wake up game
Aaaaaaand this is a little drawing of fourteen year-old Bartholomew Kettle napping beside an evergreen after another hopeless day of searching for a way to reach his sister in the faery world, where I have no intention of tapping him on the shoulder, saying "Time to wake up" 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When I was in kindergarten

"The sky saw the sea
The sea saw the sky 
And they saw each other

I think that was like a poem I made when I was in kinder?? I once googled my name with some other words and I saw this poem in somewhere of my mom's things. I searched it today, but to no avail. WOW YOUNG ME YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD!

On spectacles' birthday

Aw, I got my face right just this time.

So I will just state my story in bullets, because 1.) the night is nigh, 2.) danger is foreboding (A.K.A. Dad), and 3.) my head got broken after landing on the last chapter of LOTR's book one, a feat accomplished in two days cause I'm rad :D and haven't done much schoolwork D: 

  • I got my glasses last year after a Christmas party
  • Having said that, I actually got mah eyes checked in the hospital a week before, aaaaaaaaaand I got: astigmatism, +150 on the left, +250 on the right is my grade/power/degree/what do they call it in America. I got to pick a frame, and had no knowledge whatsoever on which ones were fitting, I picked the nerdiest one, unfortunately violet and the bar things that allowed them to stay on your face and hung on the ears looked unfitting, which was not me. I regretted my choice for a year maybe 
  • I christened my eyeglasses "High Definition", after the event on the day which I got it (I acted in a Christmas school play for the elementary school part where we were tree ornaments and were marvellous, the highschoolers had a cosplay play, and the whole event was called "Christmas HD" by Teacher Ayen. Wow I can't forget that day T^T), and the power it allows me: to see things clearly! HAHAHA!!
  • One day in Kathmandu my brother played with my spectacles and then he kind of twisted them to the right. It was a hard blow, and we went to some eyeglass shop and a guy twisted it back, but it still hasn't been fully fixed. Therefore, I searched for new frames. sorry old bro.
  • I went back to the Philippines and got me eyes checked again and my grade/power/degree/what do they call it in America dwindled to +200 on the right eye. But that doesn't really make much of a difference so High-Def, you can live. 
  • and yes Misha/Iolo/Tita Jude I do have an affinity for all people who wear glasses but I know not why--maybe just a hint. Good night now, and happy birthday Hi-Def OH AND TITO MELVIN PIZA :DDDDD aragorn!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

OMG OMG Oscar is in a commercial aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Lol actually I discovered this a week ago, BUT STILL. HE IS IN AN ADVERT. *fangirl scream* '43 '48 woo Messi '1:42 

Friday, December 13, 2013

A year and a month ago

Alex (the odd one lower left)  should be cast into a Hollywood movieeeh

(upper left) Shelby, you killed us there.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

And the walls kept tumbling down on the cities that we lo-o-o-o-ove

Aaahhhhh Pompeii. I've played this certain vid so MANY TIMES. I love iiiiiiiiit.
But confession: I've NEVER actually seen the music video, meaning I haven't watched what happened in it, if Bastille appeared in it, and if ancient Italians came and ran around in circles with lava on their tunics screaming like girls.... Because I have this little kind of synesthesia thing in which I imagine some kind of images, colours, people etc. when I listen to songs. Particularly, I like to keep this kind of correlation in my mind when listening to my favourite songs fer the sake of the favourite song when I listen to it. For example, Pompeii=grey clouds rolling over mystic hills in a kind of rhythm, brown eyes and the color grey; Viva La Vida=immense emotion relating to former monarchs, the color brown, violins; Sunshine and City Lights=Greyson Chance (lol), fireflies hovering a willow tree, streetlamps, purple pink light blue chrome yellow white grey, night, fountains, and the song cover/artwork/whateffer. So if I youtube a music video of a song I liked with a synesthesia correlation, I only watch the first seconds to see if it kinda matches my correlation, AND THEN IF it does I continue watching it, if it doesn't I just go on another tab and listen to the song without watching. Because (again) I dislike the correlation to be replaced by different synesthetic properties of the music video, which has happened some times to me when I searched Owl City lyric videos, and oh does Owl City give out such imagination and feels.... Songs: they make me so

HAHAHA ok, that was a synesthetic's [short, yes I thought it quite short] rant and a link to a SUPERLATIVE SONG. FAREWELL

Music video[edit]

A music video to accompany the release of "Pompeii" was first released onto YouTube on 20 January 2013 at a total length of three minutes and fifty-three seconds.[4] The music video focuses on a man (played by lead singer Daniel Smith) who is running through various areas of Los Angeles in an allegory of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. Lyrics such as "And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love" and "Great clouds roll over the hills, bringing darkness from above" are shown in the video. Once he sees people with black eyes he flees in a stolen car to the desert, where he soon becomes another black-eyed person. Directed by Jesse John Jenkins and produced by Tova Dann, the video was filmed in Los Angeles andPalm Springs, California.

ooh so that was it

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great Scott how come I never use this phrase irl


Sherman is undoubtably cute awwww K-Zone Philippines is apparently posting a trailer on their FB page tomorrow which will only show on their page whuuut (yes that's today's random o.o and Song of the Lonely Mountain totes lahv this song "Some folk we never forget some kind we never forgive" Y U SO MEAN, DWARVES?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!) AND WOW we just watched Back To The Future 2 on tv 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Who ya gonna call? mythbusters

We played :the game: and it was 4/5 :DDDD

Bars of Black and White O_O
okay, I must confess I do this, and I study for 4 or 5 hours tbh

story of my(NOT) life

Actually, this was only the second time I heard this song, the first being from a friend called Peter Que and he was devastated that I was oblivious to the knowledge of what 'Never Gonna Give Up' was and rickrolled our whole supper. I played the :the game:'s remake of it four times just cause

Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Don't underestimate the power of a common man!"

We watched Chennai Express, and wellllll..... it was ok. SWEET SELLER, WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT A SWEET SELLER?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!? that is one Indian thing I do not yet understand

Monday, December 2, 2013

Onset of wintry and Christmas-y things (actually no winter and just a pine tree)

See? Christmas? No

Makes me think of stadium floodlights. And the Club Penguin (yes!) typing game that is now non-existent. I MISS IT ON THE LIBRARY :'c

And also played an awful lot of Deep Sleep and Deeper Sleep. O_O da feels
I was writing a book called The line that is dead based on Deep Sleep before Deeper Sleep came out, and......I found an eerie, coincidental reference to it inside Deeper Sleep's toyroom. I clicked the phone and it said "the line is dead." OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH
I thought Felicity was cuuuuute
And heard Sri Lankan friend Amila dai is leaving Nepal because of reasons, due to return next year,.....MAYBE. no Amila dai you will miss Christmas and all those other things
off to draw *farewell* comic, and belated gift for Maya didi whose birthday was yesterday HBD YOULLNEVERWALKALONE

It's December, and Jack Frost be nippin' at our noses! (and fanart)

Jack without anything else. I liked the pants, and I think this would've been nicer without all the other things I put below.


Ok I want a new camera for Christmas

I'm not sure what do do next for itttttttttt

PLUS Chelsea won 3-1 versus Southampton yaaaaay