Friday, August 30, 2013

OH MY GOSH THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE THAT JUST HAPPENED TEN MINUTES AGO BECAUSE WRITING THIS TKES A LONG TIME S AGO IM STILL TREMBLING XD XDXD WOW LORD is there more? Woo my first response was actually "Jesus" it happened for short while the alarm woe me up I WAS BEGNNING TO SLEEP Y ahraaarghahh ok ok ok im too hyper and my Kindle is making alot of typos goodnight THROUGH THE STORM HE IS LORD, LORD OF AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL
Pardon me for not posting anything legit today, (cause I've been in the habit of posting everyday, and I hate breaking (certain) habits. For example, there was a road where HUGE BIG GIANT GARGANTUAN TREES grew (Garden of Dreams is on the left) going to Lazimpat in Kathmandu, and on the trees bats, crows, and cattle egret and other things I don't know about roosted. I acquired a habit of spotting a roosting bat every time we passed that road. Going to theater class, I spotted one. Going to Shangrila, I spotted one. Going to a bihe or whateffer, I think I spotted one. And then one day when I was sitting in the middle of the taxi, I FORGOT TO SPOT ONE. And I found that out the way back home. I felt SAD. HAHAHAHAHAHA ok I'm done). It's just that I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP AT THIS VERY MOMENT I AM WRITING THIS TO WATCH THE UEFA SUPERCUP AT TWELVE THIRTY AM AND NOW IT'S ELEVEN NINE AND I WOKE UP AT SIX AM. bye
Oh, and I've actually started a post about (why is this in bold O_O) The End but it's probs gonna take too long because I was becoming like Aristotle or Socrates or Plato or any philosopher ok.

Here's just a little meme I made a long time ago to compensate for the loss. UP THE CHELS

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying to write a random story

One day there was a boy and he found a hen. The hen adopted a little duck.And they lived happily ever after. The end

JOKE XD That is actually the kind of stories Dad would tell us when we would ask him to tell us a story a looooooooooooooooooong time ago. Well, he would actually tell us about his childhood back then, when Lolo (Grandpa in Filipino :D) had a cow ranch or whatever, what his four siblings and him liked to do etc..... My fahvrit was one where he would watch an antlion capture its prey when he was in one house near his dad's ranch, and one where he would be commanded to eat his vegetables. He put them in his mouth, and when his parents weren't looking......................he'd spit it on the floor.........................................AHAHAHAHA and then......................................................he'd sweep the floor afterwards WOW DAD YOUR SO EPIC

Actually, I think I'll just post another random story from before, as my writing skills have been trapped with a zombie pigman in my brain HAHA JK

So my good friend and classmate Iolo asked me this question (HAY IOLO HOW'YA DOIN' BECOME A BETTER VIRTUOSO IN PIANO YET HAVE YOU TRIED TIMETRAVELLING TO MEET BEETHOVEN oh wait hang it all, hay is for horses!!!!!! ;D) and I just edited it a bit form the original one. (Warning: Graphic violence xD)

What's the best football game ever?
When I hit your face with an adidas soccer ball and David Luiz tackles you and one of my old mates Eman or Matt or Kyle or Aldrin or Marina in my old soccer class accidentally hits my neck with a ball and I faint and then Oscar catches me and says "HEY SANKA YOU DEAD AHHHHHHHHH NO MAN STAY ALIVE I LOVE YOU BROWH COME BACK PLEASE" and then he does cpr and does the kiss-of-life on me and you almost get K.O.ed because I hit you with a ball and then my friends from church come in playing football and Dean gets hit in the balls saving a penalty kick XD I go alive and slenderman comes and he eats everyone except for me and i kill him my impaling him wif a stick and im forever alone and then a rainicorn comes with finn and jake and we all played football and marceline eats the ball and i scream because the ball is dead the ball is dead the ball is dead rafa benitez takes away marcys guitar and she gets angry and then they begin a battle with each other. marceline eats all rafa's ties that always look like each other and rafa screams at her and beemo comes in with neptr tree trunks and an electric guitar. he (cause i think beemo's a he) screams "FOOTBALL!!!!! I AM FOOTBALL!!!!!!!" and slams the electric guitar on all their heads Tree trunks helps neptr make pies he throws them at everyone. jose mourinho comes and says "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING IN THE FIELD?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!" Iolo resurrects and says "Silence, I kill you! Freude!!!!! Get of my lawn jose" Luis Suarez bites him on the neck and says "IOLO FEAR ME IAM DRACULA HAHAHA" and Iolo becomes a suarez vampire and bites everyone else especially ivanovic who becomes Super Ultra Mega Smile Man from sesame street and beethoven appears to him as a hologram and scores a hat trick because petr čech is at the lemonade stand sipping lemonade by his son damian and then i just sit on the stands forever alone crying and Ludmilla oscar's wife comes and hugs me and says "hush, they're all weirdos and this is all a dream."
but lemme say that the best football game I've watched was the one against Man U on May 5.

Ok, I'm done. (in Australian accent) "MY WORD, NUDGE, THAT WAS LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

P.S. We also had an epic Worship Night. Everyone was stuffed in our house. Woo, more reasons to resurrect my original blog XD And my sister downloaded more Sesame Street podcasts and there's one where Bruno Mars brushes his teeth AND ELMO. HAS. HORRIBLY. TERRIFYING. WHITE. CREEPY. TEETH.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All yo creepers in the haaaaaaause! All yo creepers in the haaaaaaaaause! Put yo hands up in the aiiiiiir!

  (Makes no sense cause creepers don't have hands. Do they? I'm not even a Minecraft noob :( SAAAD)

Read a fanfic today. AND IT WHAS AWESAMMMMMMM
Life as a Minecraft Mob

"I bet you thought that all Minecraft mobs were just annoying pests who deserved to be killed. You thought wrong. Each mob has a story, each mob has its own feelings. Here are just a few of them. ~o~O~o~ This story is dedicated to all the YouTubers who keep me entertained and stem my love for Minecraft. Special thanks to SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, GenerationHollow, Benjamin Pracy and LandonFleury."


The cover is cute :3
READ IT, I TELL YOU. Unless you know absolutely nothing of Minecraft, that is, haha :)))))

And also, I sent my very first email. (Weird, huh? BECUZ THATS HOW I ROLL GET USED TO IT BROW.) It was about school, sending documents blah-blah-blah... But the documents are actually ace :D Maybe I'll post them on Wattpad someday, when I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I don't have Wattpad yet, I'm waiting till I'm 13, which is on less than eight days *smirk, smirk*) It had a little note about it being my first email, and this is what I wrote for a P.S. ("What does P.S. mean anyway" is the question on my head for about Seven Years.)

(In a Fitba Thatba North East Scottish voice)

P.S. And here are some professional swimmers, for good measure:
RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!! There's a giant crab after you all. He might snip all your feet off. AND A SCORPION!!!!!!!!! GREAT HEAVENS!!! Tread faster than Michael Phelps! And here's a hurricane! Oh, the heavens are angry with you! And two more! AND A BIKINI IS BEFALLING ON YOU. HOW HORRIFYING IS THAT A maelstrom! My word! AND A GIANT TSUNAMI. I TELL YOU, SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY! A cactus! After you in the great, big ocean! And a blue whale!!!!!! What x_x... Seems like you boys picked the wrong time swimming. Plus an innocent kitty cat is also chasing you. :)

Haha ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Karl Olsberg's "Cubeworld"

Something’s wrong, but I don’t know what.
I don’t even know how I know that there’s something wrong. It’s a strange feeling that the world isn’t quite like it should be.
The world is a beach, which some terrace-like hills behind it. Waves wash silently against the sand. A cool breeze comes in from the sea. The air smells of salt.
…It’s okay to be here… [But] I remember a sad face and realize that it’s somehow not okay to be here after all.”

1/100th of a Christian

God is great. Yeshua, you are forever! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(God TV and God overload)

You have just seen 1/100th of a Christian bye xD

Sunday, August 25, 2013


2. You’ve been dispensing Tic Tacs the hard way.

You know how when you violently shake a container of Tic Tacs into your palm it seems as though you always end up with zero or seven? Avoid that altogether by letting a mint gently glide into the tiny lid crevice.

And asdfghjkl:


I love this movie
And Christian Memes on Facebook xD

Friday, August 23, 2013


13 days before my 13th birthday


Well Moses's shirt is 13 and when I was 11 I never thought I would be 13 AHAHAHA jk
I decided to write a birthday wishlist in suuuuuuuper tiiiiiiiiiny letters XD Since you can't read them and I'm kinda begging for those things I'll write them down belowh ;D I believe the principle of "ask and you will receive" ahaha
I still can't believe it. 13 days. That's a heck of a short time. It feels as if last Sunday was just a day ago. I'll have said 'how fast time flies' but there was something Ravi Zacharias said against that expression lol I recall it was something his son said to people who'd seen him grow up BUT I CAHN'T REMEMBA. Anyways. Before you know it I'll have graduated from Cambridge University LAHAHAHAHA :3 I don't even know specifically what I'll do for a living when I'm out of our house. Welllllllllllllll I'm pretty sure it will include serving poor people and somehow the whole world will know about me :DDDDDDDDD jk, only God knows, He'll reveal it someday -_-

And I'll be leaving childhood. Someday when I've gotten over turning 13 ahaha. I really miss 2012 because that was the last time I attended classes in TMA, my school, as a kid. And some other reasons. 
Well, I won't really be leaving it, as to enter le kingdom of God thou shalt become like a little child 

Mai face shall be like that always. Except maybe it will have glasses and curly hair.

AND HEY remember I told you I'd be putting my birthday wishlist?  Ahahhahaahhahahahaha okay. (Me: o.o)

From what the paper I wrote it on says:
1. Steampunk watch 
2. Steampunk goggles
3. Fancy notebook
5. Chelsea 2013/14 kit with Oscar #11 at back
6. Art thing (framed and all)
7. A Series of Unfortunate Events (excluding #5, #7 and #13)
8. Enid Blytons
9. Tshirt with peace activist quote
10. Tickets to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil (opening match tickets ARE. ON. SALE. and are probably going sold out in the near future)  
11. Some country I fancy's flag
12. The Whatnot
13. Mug
14. Something with a real sapphire
15. Nerf
16. All seasons of Numb3rs
17. Ender's Game
18. LOTR
20. Piano
21. Empty birdcage with class
22. An antique thing
23. A big map of the whole hacking world
24. Or just Europe.
26. A peace activist's book 
27. A scientist's biography
28. Dollhouse
29. Saree
30. Money :3
31. A short story written and bound or written in a notebook or nice paper by yooooooouuu.
32. Trip to bookstore (Preferably Ekta, in Kathmandu, or anywhere in the Philippines) 
33. Mcdonalds
34. A Narnia inspired story
35. The Silver Chair
36. Peculiar necklace 
37. Sharpies
38. K-Zone
39. Total Girl :$
40. Big box of Ferrero Rocher
42. The 39 Clues: One False Note
43. Hoot, Carl Hiaasen
44. Borealis North Face backpack (preferably has some blue in it)
45. Finn hat
46. Wattpad
47. Dasharath Stadium int'l game tickets with whole Nepali barkada (Filipino for "homies") 
48. Owl City

Whew zat was long 

And about today? We had worship practice and I made a GIF plus people who don't usually come to our house (e.g. Rabin dai, Maya didi, Tita Bing) came for some reason I can't understand The End
Yeah I still can't believe it :T

Larks and stagelights, Y?!??!?!??!?!?!!!?!?!!

Drat, we missed the Chelsea vs Aston Villa game yesterday, because of a FIXTURE CHANGE, AND BUGGER AND BLAST I DIDN'T CHECK THE PREMIER LEAGUE SITE NOR THE CHELSEA FC SITE. My reaction: 

Ah, the ever-present facepalm. Note 2012/13 kit.

FitbaThatba picture. YEAH BRO I KNOW YOUR FEELS

I miss Yossi Benayoooooooooooooooooun. And the kewl face protector thing :c

HA AHAA HAHA HHAA A After approximately 122 days I still can't get over this. BAHAHA SUAREZ YOU ARE BRILL
OOO Bane Ivanovic. Apparently 


Posted on: Thu 22 Aug 2013
SummaryA second-half Branislav Ivanovic header proved decisive as we recorded a hard-fought win to go top of the Premier League table, albeit having played a game more than everybody else.
The Blues took the lead inside seven minutes when Antonio Luna bundled into his own net after Eden Hazard's effort had been saved by Brad Guzan, but Aston Villa were level on the stroke of half-time when Christian Benteke powered his strike past Petr Cech via the aid of the post.
Our advantage was restored midway through the second half when Ivanovic headed home from a Frank Lampardfree-kick, and though Villa went close through Andreas Weimann late in the game, and had a penalty appeal waved away, we held on for victory.
Attention now turns to our first away game of the new season, a trip to Old Trafford next Monday.
The header. Still trying to get used to the new 2013/14 kits. Please someone get me that for my birthday

Same-same Bane (see below), from versus Benfica 5/15, Allianz Arena

Same-same Bane (see above), from versus AVilla 8/21, Stamford Bridge. Oh, and Oscar seems to have gotten a haircut.

Ooh Mata.
Oops, that wasn't meant to be there HEY DAVID LUIZ, WHAT THE FRIEDCHICKEN ARE THOSE KNITTING NEEDLES???????????????



(LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!!!!!!!) <<<<< me

On Friday 23 August, two of our latest signings, Marco van Ginkel and Andre Schurrle, will be LIVE in the Chelsea TVstudio from 6.30pm to answer fans' questions on Friday Night Live.
Both players joined the Blues at the beginning of the summer and made their debuts as second-half substitutes in Sunday's 2-0 win over Hull City.
For your chance to put your question to Van Ginkel and Schurrle live on air, contact Chelsea TV on the day:
- By calling 08445 434 969
- Emailing
- Tweet the club using #chelseatv
While sitting on the Chelsea TV sofas, the duo will also be partaking in a Google+ Hangout which will be available for fans to watch worldwide via our YouTube channel and to watch it, a link will be provided on the day.
It's your Friday night sorted!




Ah and I cahn't wait till Monday 1AM, the Blue Lions versus the Red Devils WE. WILL. BEAT. YOU. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LSS: Born Again-newsboys

This is what it is 
This is who I am 
            E                   Db
This is where I finally take my stand
I didnt want to fall
But I don't have to crawl 
E                             Db
I met the One with two scarred hands 
C#m                             A
Giving him the best of everything thats left of
   E               Db 
The life inside this man
               C#m  A  E  Db  
I've been born again 

( and repeat it C#m A E Db )

(I don't play guitar ;^; but I play the violin, that is, I'm stuck in the end of Suzuki Violin School Vol. 1. SAD
My sis and I had a K-LOVE Radio soundtrip on YouTube featuring 
artists like MercyMe, Plumb, Mandisa, MikesChair, Brandon Heath,
etc. xD)

Caption this

(I dunno this guy's name) "Hey Messi you wanna get some milkshakes later? It's all on me ;)"
(Messi deep in thought) "But why milkshakes can we get a Coke instead"
(Messi) "ok."

Monday, August 19, 2013


 From this...
Hiccup in the books. Red messy hair, freckles, small, left-handed, always wears a helmet, 12 years old I guess. this...
Hiccup in the first film installment. Brown Justin Bieber hair, freckles, maybe tall but scrawny, right-handed, doesn't wear helmets cause he didn't have one at first, looks 13 or 14 or something. THIS.