Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All yo creepers in the haaaaaaause! All yo creepers in the haaaaaaaaause! Put yo hands up in the aiiiiiir!

  (Makes no sense cause creepers don't have hands. Do they? I'm not even a Minecraft noob :( SAAAD)

Read a fanfic today. AND IT WHAS AWESAMMMMMMM
Life as a Minecraft Mob

"I bet you thought that all Minecraft mobs were just annoying pests who deserved to be killed. You thought wrong. Each mob has a story, each mob has its own feelings. Here are just a few of them. ~o~O~o~ This story is dedicated to all the YouTubers who keep me entertained and stem my love for Minecraft. Special thanks to SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, GenerationHollow, Benjamin Pracy and LandonFleury."


The cover is cute :3
READ IT, I TELL YOU. Unless you know absolutely nothing of Minecraft, that is, haha :)))))

And also, I sent my very first email. (Weird, huh? BECUZ THATS HOW I ROLL GET USED TO IT BROW.) It was about school, sending documents blah-blah-blah... But the documents are actually ace :D Maybe I'll post them on Wattpad someday, when I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I don't have Wattpad yet, I'm waiting till I'm 13, which is on less than eight days *smirk, smirk*) It had a little note about it being my first email, and this is what I wrote for a P.S. ("What does P.S. mean anyway" is the question on my head for about Seven Years.)

(In a Fitba Thatba North East Scottish voice)

P.S. And here are some professional swimmers, for good measure:
RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!! There's a giant crab after you all. He might snip all your feet off. AND A SCORPION!!!!!!!!! GREAT HEAVENS!!! Tread faster than Michael Phelps! And here's a hurricane! Oh, the heavens are angry with you! And two more! AND A BIKINI IS BEFALLING ON YOU. HOW HORRIFYING IS THAT A maelstrom! My word! AND A GIANT TSUNAMI. I TELL YOU, SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY! A cactus! After you in the great, big ocean! And a blue whale!!!!!! What x_x... Seems like you boys picked the wrong time swimming. Plus an innocent kitty cat is also chasing you. :)

Haha ;)

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