Friday, August 23, 2013

13 days before my 13th birthday


Well Moses's shirt is 13 and when I was 11 I never thought I would be 13 AHAHAHA jk
I decided to write a birthday wishlist in suuuuuuuper tiiiiiiiiiny letters XD Since you can't read them and I'm kinda begging for those things I'll write them down belowh ;D I believe the principle of "ask and you will receive" ahaha
I still can't believe it. 13 days. That's a heck of a short time. It feels as if last Sunday was just a day ago. I'll have said 'how fast time flies' but there was something Ravi Zacharias said against that expression lol I recall it was something his son said to people who'd seen him grow up BUT I CAHN'T REMEMBA. Anyways. Before you know it I'll have graduated from Cambridge University LAHAHAHAHA :3 I don't even know specifically what I'll do for a living when I'm out of our house. Welllllllllllllll I'm pretty sure it will include serving poor people and somehow the whole world will know about me :DDDDDDDDD jk, only God knows, He'll reveal it someday -_-

And I'll be leaving childhood. Someday when I've gotten over turning 13 ahaha. I really miss 2012 because that was the last time I attended classes in TMA, my school, as a kid. And some other reasons. 
Well, I won't really be leaving it, as to enter le kingdom of God thou shalt become like a little child 

Mai face shall be like that always. Except maybe it will have glasses and curly hair.

AND HEY remember I told you I'd be putting my birthday wishlist?  Ahahhahaahhahahahaha okay. (Me: o.o)

From what the paper I wrote it on says:
1. Steampunk watch 
2. Steampunk goggles
3. Fancy notebook
5. Chelsea 2013/14 kit with Oscar #11 at back
6. Art thing (framed and all)
7. A Series of Unfortunate Events (excluding #5, #7 and #13)
8. Enid Blytons
9. Tshirt with peace activist quote
10. Tickets to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil (opening match tickets ARE. ON. SALE. and are probably going sold out in the near future)  
11. Some country I fancy's flag
12. The Whatnot
13. Mug
14. Something with a real sapphire
15. Nerf
16. All seasons of Numb3rs
17. Ender's Game
18. LOTR
20. Piano
21. Empty birdcage with class
22. An antique thing
23. A big map of the whole hacking world
24. Or just Europe.
26. A peace activist's book 
27. A scientist's biography
28. Dollhouse
29. Saree
30. Money :3
31. A short story written and bound or written in a notebook or nice paper by yooooooouuu.
32. Trip to bookstore (Preferably Ekta, in Kathmandu, or anywhere in the Philippines) 
33. Mcdonalds
34. A Narnia inspired story
35. The Silver Chair
36. Peculiar necklace 
37. Sharpies
38. K-Zone
39. Total Girl :$
40. Big box of Ferrero Rocher
42. The 39 Clues: One False Note
43. Hoot, Carl Hiaasen
44. Borealis North Face backpack (preferably has some blue in it)
45. Finn hat
46. Wattpad
47. Dasharath Stadium int'l game tickets with whole Nepali barkada (Filipino for "homies") 
48. Owl City

Whew zat was long 

And about today? We had worship practice and I made a GIF plus people who don't usually come to our house (e.g. Rabin dai, Maya didi, Tita Bing) came for some reason I can't understand The End
Yeah I still can't believe it :T

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  1. Well.... uuuumm.... HAPPY BDAY SAM!!! Yo best bro - Iolo van Beethoven (este, Iolo Lester Caparos) :D