Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LSS: Born Again-newsboys

This is what it is 
This is who I am 
            E                   Db
This is where I finally take my stand
I didnt want to fall
But I don't have to crawl 
E                             Db
I met the One with two scarred hands 
C#m                             A
Giving him the best of everything thats left of
   E               Db 
The life inside this man
               C#m  A  E  Db  
I've been born again 

( and repeat it C#m A E Db )

(I don't play guitar ;^; but I play the violin, that is, I'm stuck in the end of Suzuki Violin School Vol. 1. SAD
My sis and I had a K-LOVE Radio soundtrip on YouTube featuring 
artists like MercyMe, Plumb, Mandisa, MikesChair, Brandon Heath,
etc. xD)

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