Friday, August 30, 2013

Pardon me for not posting anything legit today, (cause I've been in the habit of posting everyday, and I hate breaking (certain) habits. For example, there was a road where HUGE BIG GIANT GARGANTUAN TREES grew (Garden of Dreams is on the left) going to Lazimpat in Kathmandu, and on the trees bats, crows, and cattle egret and other things I don't know about roosted. I acquired a habit of spotting a roosting bat every time we passed that road. Going to theater class, I spotted one. Going to Shangrila, I spotted one. Going to a bihe or whateffer, I think I spotted one. And then one day when I was sitting in the middle of the taxi, I FORGOT TO SPOT ONE. And I found that out the way back home. I felt SAD. HAHAHAHAHAHA ok I'm done). It's just that I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP AT THIS VERY MOMENT I AM WRITING THIS TO WATCH THE UEFA SUPERCUP AT TWELVE THIRTY AM AND NOW IT'S ELEVEN NINE AND I WOKE UP AT SIX AM. bye
Oh, and I've actually started a post about (why is this in bold O_O) The End but it's probs gonna take too long because I was becoming like Aristotle or Socrates or Plato or any philosopher ok.

Here's just a little meme I made a long time ago to compensate for the loss. UP THE CHELS

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