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Oh, I say! Oh, I SAY!

Chapter One

Lucian Brenin was sitting on a chair, beside the window, trying to read a book. Lucian was a tall boy of twelve years old, who wore big glasses that made his eyes look rather staring, and had stuck-out teeth like a rabbit. He sighed, and put the book down on his desk, which was filled with a lot of books, unable to read anything because of all the thoughts in his head. He took off his thick, round glasses and rubbed them, and put them on again. He took his journal and a black pen, and sat on his chair, and began to write.
"Oh, I say, I can't read or anything. Feeling pretty miserable. It has been boring around here, in Aunt Pauline's house, and I have nothing to do for the hols. Father shouldn't have sent me here, but I guess he has to, because Mother died." A tear fell on the notebook.
Lucian threw his journal and pen on the bed and began to cry. "Mother, why did you leave us?!", he cried, and sobbed. He began to think about the memories of his mother's funeral, and all the times they spent together in their once happy home in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Mostly, it was only the both of them in their house, because his father was an English archaeologist working in Greece. But since the accident, Lucian's father stayed with him, until after the funeral. Wanting to be alone, his father sent Lucian to his uncle's home in Athens for the holidays.
Lucian was treated properly, but not given much time to be with his aunt and uncle. Uncle Petros was almost always out of the house, because of his business, which seemed pointless to Lucian, for it was about buying islands and selling them again. Aunt Pauline was in the house all the time, but she ignored him for the last few days he had been there and just let Lucian do what he wanted in the house, and did a lot of housework.
Lucian was not impressed with the house, which he had explored thoroughly, and had not found anything interesting, except for the beach, the small museum of artifacts–which his uncle found by searching the islands, where he was only allowed to go to when Aunt Pauline or Uncle Petros was to watch over him, but Aunt Pauline had many things to do in the afternoon, and Uncle Petros had been out for a few days, so Lucian got to go outside the beach once, but had to wait for Uncle Petros to get in the museum. When he did go out to the beach, he went inside at once, for he could not fight back thinking of memories of his mother.
Lucian presently opened the drawer in his desk, still crying, and took his mother's locket, which his father had given him before he traveled to Athens. He opened it, and saw the image of his mother. He fell to the bed crying again. "Mother..." he sobbed. He looked at the ceiling, and missed his old house in Thessaloniki. Lucian cried again.
"Lucian..." Lucian sat up, startled. Who was that who called him?
   Chapter Two

"Lucian!" The poor Lucian thought it was his mother calling him. "Lucian! It's time for tea! Come on down, lad!" Lucian cried again, ignoring the command. "Mother?" he asked. "Lu-ci-aaaan!", the voice hollered. He rubbed his eyes, and listened. "Oh, I say, Mother, is-is that y-you?" "LUCIAN! Get down here for tea or else we'll leave nothing- Lucian! Are you asleep?" The voice calling him was his aunt, and Lucian sighed. "I'll have to go upstairs and wake you up, then, if you're not coming!" He opened the door and said, "Sorry, Aunt Pauline, I'm about to come down. Just a minute!" "All right. Just hurry or the tea'll get cold!" Aunt Pauline answered downstairs. Lucian opened the door and went to the washroom to wash his face, and dried it with a towel. He stared at the mirror, and saw a face with short, ginger hair, brown eyes with gold flecks and stuck-out teeth. "Well, this is me", he muttered. He put on his glasses, and went downstairs for tea.

After tea, he went outside to explore the beach. He was the only child around their neighborhood, and he was lonely. He found a small hermit crab, and talked to it. "Oh, I say, what a wonderful hermit crab are you! Have you a family, old chap?" The hermit crab, scared, went back inside its shell. "Oh, great." he sighed. Lucian threw the hermit crab into the ocean and said, "Good bye!" He immediately regretted throwing it, and threw some sand into the waves.
A lightbulb popped.
He took off his shoes and put them near the napping Aunt Pauline. He ran to the sea and stopped until the water reached his shorts. He splashed water around and laughed. "Oh, hey! I shall make a sandcastle!" he exclaimed.
"Lucian! Get out of the water at once!" The voice startled him. He saw that it was his uncle, home from his job. "Uncle P-Petros???" He stood in the water, frozen. Now he was really scared. He always stood out of his uncle's way, because he was terrified by him. But now, he was caught.

"Oh, I Say!" is a little fanfic I'm making about Lucian, (pronounced, Lucy-Ann XD) a character in Enid Blyton's book, "The Sea of Adventure", who is English-Greek and was highly annoying in that book. But I liked his character a lot, so one day while tinkering around Mom's iPad I wrote a leetle tiny bit about him in a note app, and I decided to write a whole fanfic 'bout what happens years before the kids in Enid Blyton's book meet Lucian in a cruise ship, bits of the actual book from Lucy's-er, I mean Lucian's- journal, and after the kids in Enid Blyton's book leave him somewhere after Southampton. And I hope mah fanfic would actually explain why Lucian, who was almost fifteen in the story, cried when he experienced pain, was aquaphobic, loved history and stuff :T. And fried chicken, I'm currently writing like three (four?) books (two are fanfic, one is sci-fi) :OOOOOOOOO and I'm not even done halfway wif one x_x The past two chapters written are just sneak peeks


Lucian getting bit by Kiki the parrot (WHY DOES HIS HAIR LOOK SO MENTAL)


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