Monday, January 27, 2014

Mist fading

Apparently I can't post anything for the 30 Day Challenge today, which is a great drawback for the challenge and that there are only 4 days left of January and is a good pointer that I'm good at procrastinating and not good at updating these kind of things (a hobbit habit I need to change)--because

  • On Sundays I wake up late and become quite idle
  • I had to watch over my little brother who likes watching Sesame Street
  • We had to go to the city hall near Ratna Park to watch a Nepali movie in Nepali, and it probably was not my first time to watch a movie in another language without subtitles O_O But man we had an awesome time and I got into a picture with the main actors and it was about football and teamwork so I was like "Chelseeeea or Manchesturrrr United??" to the protagonist who got into the Under-16 nat'l football team of Nepal in the film, and he was like "Uhhhh.." and I didn't get much out of him. And then the guy somewhere near our seats looked like my favourite Swiss-American writer/author/composer but with brown hair. I also found an 11 year-old version of him but also with brown hair on Sesame Street's "What's the Word on the Street?" Overall, it was nice.
  • We attended a sort of birthday party in a house a few blocks away (I know 2 other friends who had their birthdays today, and I'm sure they're thirty or over that, and know some other famous people like Ellen DeGeneres and Jose Mourinho!!!), and then it browned-out and there was no electricity or WiFi. I lovvvvved the cupcakes *_*

  • Collected 4 golds, 18 redstones and 12 diamonds on Minecraft PE -_-
  • Wept a lot and had mixed emotions (anger, sadness, uncertainty, hard-to-let-go-feels) because

"One of the saddest days in our family. Goodbye Juan!"-my Dad

mkay, baii

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