Friday, January 24, 2014

I owe you three--six, I mean, now.


We didn't have internet last night and it was sad.

Number Thirteen: (A boring character)
Thor Odinson and Malekith--Thor: The Dark World lol. Yes, those two are whom I have chosen to be my boring characters. Actually I couldn't just put Malekith without Thor being around, and of course Loki was kind of like the star of Thor 2 so I drew him there gloating over dem both while they were inconspicuous and just drank tea. Thor kind of lost his shiny-ness here, because I don't think there's anything else to him except for his love for Loki, Jane, and Mjölnir. But in the rate of ok-ness, he'll just be somewhere around 3.9 or 4.5, after all, he's Thor. And I like the part he hangs Mjölnir on Ian's coat hanger and why-are-there-so-many-shoes, so Malekith is the one I think more boring.
Okay, Malekith--everytime he was on I was just WHYYYY????are you doing this? WHYYY ARE DARK ELVES DARK and he was like meh, I'm evil k, meh, I TAKE UR AETHER, meh, you be Kursed, meh, you can't destroy me *Thor destroys him* meh. But I like his hair and all.

Number Fourteen: (A pair of characters who are your OTP)
Larry Fleinhardt and Megan Reeves--crime drama Numb3rs. 
[Tomorrow, tomorrow]

Number Fifteen
(The smartest character)
James J.J. Powell Jr.--No Ordinary Family
[Tomorrow, tomorrow]

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