Sunday, January 5, 2014


 Number One (A character from your current favourite fandom)

 Samwise Gamgee (later known as Samwise Gardner)--Lord of the Rings (and of Middle-Earth things). He's dethroned Bilbo Baggins from being my favourite hobbit, because of his unbeatable loyalty, cheek, imperfection, and well....because he's my namesake and my dad's and an old friend-classmate who turned 14 today. And hobbits are so awesome. 

"Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man [hobbit] who can find?"-Proverbs 20:6

I have been conned by the camera

Number Two (A character from a previous favourite fandom)
 I have no idea how I put the text with Sam so I'm doing it here, and the character is below the text haaaay.

Petr Čech--Chelsea Football Club. I know that Petr is not a fictional character but a real, six-foot-five human goalkeeper, but it is a fandom so I'm putting him in. This was a drawing drawn (lol) from a fanfic I wrote on my Jollibee notebook that was about famous football players as kids who did kid stuff such as swimming in a pool and having picnics. Petr is 13 years old in this drawing, he was one of the oldest kids in the fanfic, a sort of an organiser of the fellow children, tall, left-handed, baked cookies (a headcanon of mine lol) and had the fine attributes of a goalkeeper but once scored goals. But then I didn't know he was a brunet so I didn't colour him as a brunet I thought he was somewhat strawberry blond

Number Three (A character who looks like you)

A modified son from the meme Stare dad. But in the modified one I am female, have darker skin, is curly-haired, and my attire is different. (I couldn't find anyone else sry xD) I chose the character because maybe I drew a comic for a Sri Lankan friend who was going away never to be seen again--loljk, and the incarnation of me looked like this>>>^^

Number Four (A character who acts like you)

Sherlock Holmes--Sherlock and the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Look I can't even
I think you must be thinking HOW DARE YOU PUT SHERLOCK ----*speechless*
But yes. In a way Sherlock does act like me. Sometimes I'm serious about my work. Other times I am crazy-banana and I will jump up and down in the air screaming "BRILLIAAAAANT!!!!!!!" while unsuspecting onlookers stare at me (I only lasted through the first 26 minutes of A Study In Pink where I screen-shot'd the above photo so don't expect me to know much about the BBC one, but I have read the books and I am sure as daylight that Sherlock always does these things :DDD) AND I play the violin, plus I tell friends facts about many things alllllllll the time. But sadly I am not as excellent, as ace and as passionate in the science of deduction and the violin as Sherlock Holmes of course. and I don't smoke hahhahhahahhahahha

Number Five (A group of characters who are most like you and your friends)

The Three Idiots: Rancho, Farhan and Raju--the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots. I have so many friends so I can put them into the Raju Rastogi (people who like doing stuff and worship A LOT and it influences their life, but in a serious relationship with God, unlike Raju, I think because he dumps dumps dumps his rings which are supposed to be religious) type; the Farhan Qureshi man I spelled his name wrong in my drawing -_- (people who are really really really passionate for something and narrate sometimes and possibly wear glasses) type; and the Rancho Chanchad yes, spelled it wrong again in the drawing (people who are SUPER SUPER brilliant in what they do that everyone sees them, but are very humble) type. I might be in the Farhan one :3 And the protagonists of 3 Idiots are Indian, and most of all my friends have been influenced by India, becuz they're Nepali and Nepal is above the country of India O_O

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