Friday, January 10, 2014

FAHNTAHSTIC FOUR (ahahahahhahhahahahahaha, whatcha gonna title tomorrow, Terrific Two? ahahahhahhahahahaha

 Number Six (The most annoying character)

Carmelita Spats--A Series of Unfortunate Events. She is SO annoying that's why I drew her lying in mud >:D She's the usual annoying queen-bee girl--minus the natural beauty, who hails from Prufrock Prep, has a zeal for terrorising everyone especially orphans, but surprisingly Count Olaf adopts her O_O And Mr. Poe even brought pairs of earrings set with precious stone for her, without any discretion-WAIT MAYBE I SHOULDA MADE MR POE AS THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER INSTEAD :'( lol my description was lame 

Number Seven
(The hottest character)

(It was SUUUUUPERRRRRR HARD to choose, so I bring you a trio.)



'Nuff said. Wait, did I even say anything? BUT WHY SHOULD I STILL??????????? Thranduil gif didn't come from me tho c:

Number Eight (The funniest character)

 Olaf (Frozen)                                        and                      Fregley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)!!!!
Because of course! 
Kristoff: Don't speak to anyone.
Olaf: Okay! *runs through town* Hi, I'm Olaf!
*woman screams*
This kid has unfortunately been shunned by all and they think he's a hapless weirdo, but inside he's brimming with brilliance. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS COMICS ABOUT GARETH THE GREEN BEAN? AND HIS INTERPRETATION OF THE INK BLOTS IN THE SECOND DO-IT-YOURSELF?!?!! and lol

Number Nine (A character who would be your best friend if they were real)
Matty the Freak/Matthew Theodore Fleckman--Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here. Matty was one of the reasons I wanted to get Middle School: Get Me Out of Here after reading a book sample through Poptropica. I mean, look at his haaaaiiiiir!!!! Yeah, that would be one of the things we'd have in common if he were real (my dad calls me Salag-buhok which is a term in Filipino or in the Visayan dialect idk lol, that literally means Nest-Hair xD). And that we're both weird and, well, freaky. But maybe there would be a reenactment of Pearl Harbor before there'd be any notion of friendship because of his violent and vengeful properties, and my timidity. Still, I'm willing to take up Rafe Khatchakordian's place as a friend, because they lost each other after a dire misunderstanding and Rafe moved away, never to make contact with Matty ever again *sentimental music* (HEY MATTY WANNA HAVE A WATER BALLOON WAR NOW)

Apologies, I have to post Day Ten tomorrow. (Lol, nop)

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