Friday, September 27, 2013

"Your alive!!!"-Audrey Mangussad

Yaaayyyy I'm back again. Pardon me for not posting daily for about a week or something, because I was in a remote area with quite a rarity of the Internet, and I was lazy xD Actually we spent 5 days in my parent's hometown, and I hope I shall update this post with photos of dat awesome vacay. And now I'm sitting on the living room (where we sleep on a sofa) with a slightly impaired right hand. Hi Iolo and Jaul and Noelle XD

Me: *sees Iolo somewhere in school* IOLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iolo: SAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaul: :|
Me: *runs*
And then Samantha slips on a highly invisible area with a pool of water and Samantha's right arm instinctively defends her brain from getting damaged by blocking the floor and results in impairing itself in the process
Meh thinking: Well played, floor, well played.
Me: OWWWWW MAI ARM srsly it hurts
And Samantha's right arm becomes unconscious for the next five minutes
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S MY WRITING ARM (recalling people injuring their pitching arms in sports)
Iolo and Jaul: lolololololololololol
You prolly know what happens when friends see each other after a long time except the longtimenosee human uncannily does not use their own hand in forms of greeting and things -.-

Well, it was EXTREMELY painful. But it wore off eventually. Then I met some of my ole friends/classmates/homies today, plus I hope I'll make friends with the other graduating candidates :DDDDDDDD And yay graduating soon

Wow Matthew you're notorious
Oh, and get well soon xD

WOOHOOOO Eden Hazard is so awesome in this photo Oscar has an unusually large head Juan Mata is per-fect! Tho I'd advised my homie Alex Capuli not to play GTA anymore before............ XD

Oh wait
This is my last day sporting straight hair

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