Sunday, September 1, 2013

Freakishly epic day

Well, actually, the events of this day has prompted to to REALLY post in my original blog, but sadly, it is too late for me to write a long post there. 

Main events of zis day:
1. Church XD you're awhsuuuuuuuuum, God (y) and le main news EVERYONE talked about was THE FREAKY EARTHQUAKE in past post, and The UEFA Super Cup, which was sparked by meh. Guess who won. NO GOOGLING.
2. August birthday celebrations (Giant meh :/ Except there was like a Just Dance 4 portion and I reeeeeally missed the Philippines)
3. Lunch at Hannah's Cafe; we met teh Kurian family's new dog Bruno :3 HES SO CUUUUTE and played kid games (Whaaaaaaaaaay, a near-thirteen year old is never too old to play kid games)
4. DASHARATH STADIUM. NEPAL VS. BANGLADESH. EPICNESS OVERLODE. THE CRUSH OF THE PEOPLE (like the line to the stadium was like TILL KFC. hi there to people who don't know how far the stadium is to KFC, but I can tell you that it was SO VERY LONG.) The people were mindblowing. and this part is home to my two most embarrassing moments (well, right now they don't seem too embarrassing, just PECULIAR AND WEIRD AND DAVID LUIZ-Y MOMENTS TO MY LIFE thanks Lukaku and Dave Luiz and El Nino Torres, you guys made me feel better in a weird way

Top row: Tito TJ, Manish dai, Tito Sanjeeb, and I think the guy with specs is Bishal dai???? Second row: Gabriyal dai! Maya didi, Tita Ayushka, Krishna dai, Rabin dai, Tita Ritu, Susana didi, and Ajit dai? (RAARGH I forgot his name) Last row: Tita Bindu/Bindu didi, Tita Sanjina, meh, Santosh dai, and Tita Eva (not Carniero)

Me dancing crazily. What Gabriyal dai told me after was the source of one embarrassing moment, but I thought David Luiz and never minded it O_O.
Here's the site for more match pictures and match analysis match analysis whoah I think there are more sites if you search "Nepal vs Bangladesh August 31" if you cared

Chant list -,- (the whole crowd can't seem to get over simple chants, unlike peoples in EPL et cetera but still powerful ones, first two by mah Nepali homies and I, third from the awesome middle crowd where I wanted to be :c):
Go, Nepal! Go go go Nepal! Goooooooooooooooooo Nepal!!!!!!
We are Nepal, we are Nepal, come on let's liquify 'em now! You don't know which way you're going! Bangladeshis this is waaaaaaaar (to the tune of 'When The Saints Go Marching By') -_-
Ayo Gorkhalis! Ayo Gorkhalis! 

Ma jaane. Ramro rati, mero saathis ;D

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