Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I am back to Manila


He never fails to amuse me.

back in manila


I am too mindblown to speak.
Nahhhh I'm not gonna tell you about all that happened it would take too long to enlist :( Welllllll, let's just say that I had culture shock or whateffer it is. And I left my 200 rupee blue toothbrush in Nepal >:( WHHHHAAAAYYYY. And I got theeeeeee OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE YAAAAAAAAAHHOOOOOOOO And we finally had McDonald's!!!!!!!!! And I have a sim card again but my phone number is insignificant T^T why 
see I still haven't memorized it so I will try and I shall make a mnemonic 
She fit zumba each zipper easy ok
Soren finds Zinedine exactly Zidane, every one
well the last one worked fine wif me
Seek first Zinedine eating zebra ees ok?
Now that's just confusing
Shh Finn's zest eerily zumbas every opal
ok i'll use the Soren and Zinedine Zidane one yay
Soren finds Zinedine exactly Zidane every one
WOOOOOOHHH it's Chelsea vs. Basel tonight

Well I wanted to dazzle you guys with images but never mind it always has us travelers in it good night 
Oh, and a quote:
"He [Lionel Messi], is loved by children all over the world, because they think he is one of them among adults."-Christoph Biermann COMPLETELY TRUE, CHRISTOPH. Love ya, Messi. HALA MADRID bahahaha i dunno any Barca chants

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