Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28 yeah

"If we are crazy, then it is because we refuse to be crazy in the same way that the world has gone crazy.’ What’s crazy is a matter of perspective. After all, what is crazier: one person owning the same amount of money as the combined economies of twenty-three countries or suggesting that if we shared, there would be enough for everyone? What is crazier: spending billions of dollars on a defense shield, or suggesting that we share our billions of dollars so we don’t need a defense shield? What is crazier: maintaining arms contracts with 154 countries while asking the world to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, or suggesting that we lead the world in disarmament by refusing to deal weapons with over half of the world and by emptying the world’s largest stockpile here at home?" 

Quoting The Irresistible Revolution again. I like this book so much. Like it so much that I know when I apply the stuff it says into my life I'd get in danger or something. Probably because it's been inspired by God and the Bible. 

So I'm wondering… if I really would get in trouble because of totally living out God and the Bible, why am I sitting in front of my laptop in my comfy, safe bedroom without much care of anything else besides staying comfy and safe? I must be doing something wrong then… Jesus, help me out.

You are Will Poulter and Thomas Sangster, while I am Dylan O'Brien, of whom you are slowly noticing signs of failure to rest this case and unnecessary randomness

Or simply,

HAH I didn't really type much on the matter I stated up there^ after the quote. I have reasons doe.

Currently have 12 unposted drafts, I am going to Pokhara with my family for five days (preferably with minimised Internet usage), and there are only 17 days until I return to my homeland. Plus I'm supposed to be sleeping now,  to wake up at 5:45 AM, and Mom says because I am still young, I should not stay up until midnight as that only ever begins when people are in college. Dratted habit. To be honest, my time management is actually messed up. So if you'll excuse me for now and for not writing in a freaking long time, I'll pull the sheets over and give up my brain to 40% random things, 12% headcanoning about my secret fantasies, 10% planning for the next day, and 8% God and actually important things, and it will take me approximately 30 minutes to sleep bye 

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