Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swings, snow crystals and silence

First off, some quotes from a favourite character called Dr. Larry Fleinhardt from a crime drama series called Numb3rs. I've been watching series again, after a long time lol

"Children are wormholes. They're portals into the unreachable future and unattainable past. Well, as the things stand now, they exist only in the theoretical realms."

"Curiosity. Not good for cats, great for scientists."

Charlie: "Can't you think of this [playing poker in a casino] as field work?"
Larry: "Unfortunately, it is a poppy field, I'm warning you both: we're standing at the precipice. This is the event horizon of a black hole!"

"You can contemplate silence, but you can never find it."

And here are a few pictures I have gathered in the past few days, excluding my Pokhara trip which I will relate to in another post.

My dad captured this with me on a swing somewhere in a riverside resort in Chitwan, where we took a ten minute stop in the three hours into our ride back to Kathmandu. Bamboo swings have been built almost everywhere in Nepal for the past few weeks, as another form of celebration for Dashain, a 15-day festival of Nepal which commemorates the worship of the goddess Shakti, and emphasises family ties and the fun spirit of the Nepalis.
I actually like the cat's diary better. I must say, the writer is pretty clever.
Adam Young (Owl City) with Sekai No Owari. I just found out that in my absence with Internet interactions Owl City announced he'd be releasing two more songs very soon. And this photograph caught my eye. I love their buttons. And I'm betting 'Tokyo', their collab song, is gonna be superlative.
Snow crystals under an electron microscope from ScienceAlert's fb page. I mean, wow, God was really extravagant in creating stuff from the micro to the macro! But yeah, there's another thing. If I try to say what I just said two sentences ago in the comments of the ScienceAlert post, I'd be immediately pelted with numerous statements against mine. This is just sad. Please, people, wake up from your stupor and know that God is real and alive.

Just a really nice shot by my friend Tito Ivan of my other friend Tito Daniel conversing with a monk near the Boudhanath Stupa.

What a revelation.

Hi Misha,


  1. HAHA. Hi Sam :P
    That first quote, I liketh it :D
    I love that swing shot tho
    Though I don't understand the diary of the cat and dog, *sigh* the life of a pet-less human.

    1. You should totes watch Numb3rs then :DDDD
      Lol my dad is kinda like a jack-of-all-trades. He's a photographer marine biologist IT consultant golfer writer life coach artist guitarist father and friend ahaha
      Whyyyyy?? lol same, the only pets I've had were two fighter fishes and the girl fish killed the guy fish and eventually she died too
      YAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! now to complete remaining school stuff
      thanks for reading Misha!