Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art dump

Amidst the two drafts I keep on telling myself to finish writing, I've decided to compensate for myself in posting these art stuffs I've done in the absence of blog-posting. So yeah, enjoyyyyy!!

Another Bartholomew Kettle doodle, for a The Peculiar sort-of field guide. The pencil was awesome haha
Stefan notice me senpai T_T

A pop-up thing for an English project on prepositions. Like, now, the sparrow flaps its wings above the Red Ford. It's got a piece of sting attached to it, so you can move it all around the pop-up to make different sorts of prepositions! Great help for visual writers lol :D

A book cover I made for my one-shots and stuff on separate Wattpad account @chaos_theory.  Cover girls are my sister Abbie, and Filipino-German friend, Johanna Dembinski. I don't know about you, but I think this cover is cool xD You can read the book here ;)

Yaaaaaayyy thank God for these artistic hands, a super-creative bunch of parents, and influences all around!! Now I'm gonna try to fix my room and find out how I'm gonna untangle myself from the happenings of The Maze Runner, which messed up my head and which I'm trying to write a review on, and how I'm gonna find someone to watch it with for another time around. Will you volunteer?

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