Thursday, November 28, 2013


We watched Thor: The Dark World today. Now. Because I am typing this post without glasses. I am going to put some random thought into it. (AND IT CONTAINS SPOILERS SO GO AWAY.)

  • Loki's more interesting than his brother. As he's always been.
  • Frigga why did you die 
         Oh and I know they would shoot an arrow and set fire to the boat, because of How to Train Your Dragon's first book. May your eyrie receive you at your journey's end.
  • Malekith.... you were kind of boring, tbh!ha
  • Dr Erik Selvig, you will be the death of me. And Loki O_O
  • Darcy and Ian are cuuuuuuute
  • After ze movie, my seat mates were in a heated discussion about what happened to Odin and Loki and throne room. Tito Richard: Well, maybe it was really Odin again, cause he has some kind of "deep" side in him. I mean why did he adopt Loki? (Wikipedia says his theory is wrong) Mom: Maybe it was Odin who was killt by the spear, cuz why not? Me: I don't care about any of this. All I have to know is that Loki is alive. 
  • Haha Jane. Whoyou're talking to is the king of Asgard. FIVE POINTS FOR HITTING PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Oh, and nice dress
  • All of Loki being good and honourable and sad and heroic and nice and marvellous before he "dies" comes to me as parallel to what Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events had done to Kit Snicket before he dies. And they both "die" by a spear. Except Count Olaf really dies. 
  • "Why are there so many shoes here?" "Were those--the car keys?" "TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
  • Chris Evans.
and sorry Thor I know this movie was about you but I only ever mentioned your name once not counting this sentence. you were good too *pats on shoulder*.And die how many times have I used you today

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