Friday, February 20, 2015

Striving for February

(despite whatever I said in past post about having a blogging proposal, I'm dropping down a break-away post. . .)


Over the past weeks, I've been burying myself in lots of functional and some unnecessary agendas--such as trying to live a different lifestyle, readjusting myself in Nepali culture, reading leadership books, practising the violin, teaching myself guitar, entering witty comments on Facebook statuses, wandering aimlessly, channeling out frustration over mathematics, etc.. And two honourable mentions (though they took up a few of my schooldays) are my entering the Juju T-Shirt Art Competition and my (vain) attempt on making a greeting card business.


On a chilly night, my family and I were headed inside the Saleways grocery store, when I saw this on a bulletin board:

Then I was like, I SHOULD WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, things are easier said than done.

The time I spotted the poster was somewhere between January 15-17, but I'd wandered aimlessly for the next two weeks, busied myself in readjusting and reading leadership books, just hoping inspiration would come by. Nights of looking for designs and motifs led to dead ends, and negative thoughts and insecurity of my abilities would sometimes set me on edge, rendering my attempts to find a good idea useless. But I knew the design I wanted had something to do with sparking change and standing out from social norm and the static of Nepali life. I just had to find the right one.

Like any good procrastinator, I only began work a week before the deadline. That's when I put the slogans my parents had suggested and the characters I liked to work. By Friday night (the deadline), after working my head off with a sketchbook, coloured pencils and markers, Paper 53, and Pixlr (yes), I'd sent in these designs, praying they'd make the cut.

SO YEAH. The next Monday, I got this email from them.

Hello Samantha, 

Thank you for participating in JuJu Wears' T-shirt Art Competition 2015. We are sorry to announce that you haven't won the contest. However, you have been selected in the Top 10 and have won yourself 1 JuJu Wears T-shirt along with an exclusive Privilege Card which can be used in any of our stores. 

Please visit our store in Jhamsikhel, to collect your gift. Or call us at 01-5541225 for further information.
Have a good day. 

JuJu Wears

Well, I don't know about you, but,

TOP 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yusss, Kobe)

Oh well. Still, 85 people entered the contest, so I must've impressed the folks over at Juju-- PLUS I'd won a tshirt and a card!!!! Dad and I claimed them this Wednesday, and I picked this shirt over another design of Spiderman swinging over some temples in Thapatali because I thought I owned too many tshirts that made me look like a guy 

(Side story: when I was in Manila, a guy from the sales department and a waitress from Italiannis' called me "Sir" which bothered me [I'M A GIRL. -_-] and made me rethink my dress code :P) (and since I like that shirt I might go over there and buy it with 10% off to impress myself and other people [like Sam Noel, my classmate who's dang witty and is a Spidey fanboy haha])

Look again. Dai is carrying speakers and an old-fashioned tv #swag
Well, that's it.


Eh. I've had no prior experience with business, and I didn't consult my business friends for advice so it didn't really work out :(

But I did manage to make these [insert your own adjective] cards for Valentine's, and managed to sell most of them for Rs. 100. 

for orders, email at

So yeah. Those are the unusually successful endeavours I've initiated for the past few weeks. And I hope I can shake off this pretentious tone I've been using in my posts recently XD To end, here is a pick-up joke and a photograph.

"Safeguard ka ba? Germs kasi ako at 99.9 percent akong patay na patay sayo." 

Change starts with you,

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