Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reasons Why (series break)

(January 15)

I am back in Kathmandu. My fingers are freezing right as I'm writing this to you. Previously I'd been falling in love with my friend Misha's "She Was Mine" story based on the song all over again, and I hope she posts the next part very soon. (BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHA <3 *promotes badly* visit her blog as a birthday present pls). Before I read her book, I'd almost completed my fanart birthday gift for her 14th year on January 17. 

ehe, it looked better on the iPad :p

The afternoon prior to this night we'd landed safely on the Tribhuvan Airport from Bangkok, Thailand. Before before I was in Manila. Before before before I was in Malaysia. Before before before before I was in Manila again. haha

Now, I suppose this is what you're thinking:

Time for excuses.
Oh, well - I was planning to post the Saturday after "Pokhara! part one", but due to preparations for our trip home to Manila, I didn't :(
And the main reason for the extensive delay, is that I suck at being a timekeeper.

While, yes, my trip to Malaysia for ten days'/Manila for two months' schedule was hectic, there were times I could've devoted to writing blog posts, but were squandered. Which is very sad for you and me, because I wasn't able to relay the fresh experience at once, and now I have to resort to memories. But very fond memories at that. Here's what I'll be writing about in attempt to redeem my blogging honour.

  • Pokhara! (part two)
  • Malaysia highlights
  • An opportunity I had to speak before an Eaglepoint Malaysia youth gathering
  • Manila highlights
  • Christmas
  • Quality Time with Elevate High, barkadas, my cousins, TMA High Unite, etc.
  • Heroes of the Faith
  • Back to Kathmandu
Alright, all the best for me! And to you, for your effort for reading all of them :) Don't be shy to share your opinions, comments, or witty remarks, please. And I hope you can forgive me for abandoning you :(

Stay warm (or cool, it depends),

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