Friday, August 22, 2014

"Memories are like a box of sweets ... once it opens then you can't eat just one piece."

I know, I haven't posted in AGES. So here is a consolation

He wants the stars in the night sky, 

but you are the sun.
He is yours, and you are his,
when everything comes undone.

inspired by a poem of Sachinee Seneviratne

and Premier League started! I cannot believe I hadn't posted anything related to it

btw this is my edit *so much proud*
Dear Oscar, Eden and Fernando, Why are you all married.

Lovely. Preseason I guess, didn't get a chance to have seen this.
Chelsea's first season game was at 12:45 AM, and sadly my schedule nowadays does not allow me to stay up for those games. My days of freedom and frolicking are dripping away as life chugs on.

And also, how come I didn't post anything about THIS^^^^^!!!!!! Shame, Samantha, shame!! I stayed till 4 and tweeted a lot but no one wants to read my tweets anyway, so.

 Still missing these baes :'( You know, one of my dreams was to play table football with David Luiz somewhere in Stamford Bridge. 
It's really sad when your favourite players leave your club. And now I hear Petr Čech might transfer too. But such is life.

The quote in the title is from Naina the scholar girl from the Bollywood movie, "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani", which was absolutely marvellous. 9.5/10 I recommend, with English subtitles, if you don't speak Hindi, of course. Coming-of-age, scenic cinematography, dance-along music (it's Bollywood.), and so many philosophical quotes so I am really happy. Wow, I'm actually trying to convince you guys to watch a film… okay, bye.

P.S. My blog birthday was twelve days before this post. *nostalgic* So in honour of it, I am (hopefully) bringing back the tradition of posting everyday. 


  1. clap clap clap even though I have no idea what I just read. xD jokes, sam. :))))) xx

    1. HAHA thank you Eunice actually me too, no idea :p my random posts are coming back kasi… stay tuned for another one today >:)