Sunday, August 24, 2014

13 days left to be 13!!

Which means, birthday is soon!! *does happy dance*

just look at that spiderman tshirt

(notice, I'm not saying all this on September 4, cause man I wanna live it out 13 more times and not go out with a crash-bang :o plus I toned down on so many gifs but blast it they are distracting enough -_-)

Well, I guess it's right to say that I've only turned 13 on my 14th birthday, because of everything that I've experienced, gone through and accomplished before that time. 
13 had cast me unto the shores of another world, the teenage world, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Exciting, because of the new horizons, new realisations and awarenesses, more privileges, enhanced abilities, and I'd become taller :p. Terrifying, because of the heightened responsibility, infodumps, pressing empathy and moods, I could see my past flaws in a way I hadn't before, and most of all, I'd been unclassified as a child (eh, sometimes I still am, but most times it's not there. I think this one is pretty hard to understand…).

My era of being 13 has been a multi-coloured coat that has no perfect edges, but when you swirl it around your back and the sun sparkles on it, you forget about everything else. (what XD). To recount it is gonna be real hard, but you've probably gone through it, are going through it, so you know bits and pieces (except if you are just gonna go through it). Let's just say it was brilliant adventure with Bollywood music.

I had been inspired to live a good, better life in more ways, and to help others travel on that path too. My God, my family, my friends and influences are the ones I wholly thank for being the fuel that makes my hollow gas tank go on. 

God, you are always there and you are my everything, thank you a thousand suns (real thank you, I owe ya one). Family, you are mostly there but you sometimes disappear into the walls of our house but that's alright, you are cherished and forever emblazoned in my heart. Friends, I know that some of you might be roads away or even countries away, but you always make a way for us to connect and communicate to be healed, have fun, spout out words or listen with full attention. You are held in high regard and I love you for being who you are and loving me back. Influences, (yeah, book authors, musicians, actors, artists, people in History, game developers, crown princes, etc.) of course you don't know I'm here (well, except for one book author) but in the essence of the word, you make a part of me. Thank you for doing what you love. Guys, really I just wanna

OKAY I really wanna sleep now so heres the real business O AO 
hahahahahahahhahahhaha, I'm joking :L 
Really, I have a lot of stuff already. Lol I don't want to be materialistic and be a toff or anything, but yeah I have too much. I'll probably just write down a list of things I'm gonna give away for my remaining 13 days bc ain't receiving too mainstream.
Eh? What's that I hear? You still wanna see my wish list? Srsly!? Okay, okay, just because you asked. (ahahahahhahaha)

I'll only put ten, you sweet chocolate biscuits, though my IRL list has 29. (few recycled from last year)
  1. Fancy notebook (old one's in ruins, but still has enough until October though)
  2. Marie Curie biography
  3. Artemis Fowl
  4. All seasons of Sherlock/Numb3rs
  5. Money xD
  6. A 3,000 word or more short story (Misha, I'm counting on you)
  7. Red t-shirt with a robot (Hiro Hamada cosplay :3)
  8. Let It Snow (winter is my fav season, yo)
  9. Framed art by you
  10. Sherlock's scarf
And ya. I'll take suggestions from anyone to put on a list of 13 stuff to do before I'm 14 hahahahaha wat. But I like checklists T_T 

Standing in Brooklyn just waiting for something to happen,

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