Monday, July 14, 2014


I am in a deep, dark Writing Hole, and it seems that I can't do much about projects I have to do.

So here, have a snippet from one of my school books and some photographs I took for it:

"Have you ever looked into a kaleidoscope? It is amazing how just a few coloured cut-out pieces of paper can turn into beautiful shapes and designs inside a cylinder with a mirror at the end. We can compare ourselves with these pieces of papers. As individuals, each of us have our own unique colour, size, and shape with our distinct personalities, characteristics and traits. As the pieces of paper inside the kaleidoscope come in contact with each other and reflect their images against the mirror, fine and beautiful designs are created. The pieces of paper do not lose their own colour, size and shape. But together with the other coloured papers, they all create attractive designs. And this is with the help of the mirror.

It is just like that when we, as humans, reflect the image of our God and Creator whenever we relate with others in the context of our environment, family, school, and community. We all have our own personalities and characteristics. But when we learn to get along with others, learn to blend and work well with our fellow human beings (in spite of our differences), we will be able to accomplish much. We can be amazed at what we can become and what beautiful things could happen when we realise the importance and significance of bearing and reflecting the image of our God."


  1. Deep. *wipes tears formally with hanky *round of applause

  2. Lol yes, even if my Bible school book has multiple grammar issues