Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hala España!!

2014 World Cup Brazil: ETA 1 hour

Points I am going to edit and polish tomorrow bc ONE MORE HOUR I GOTTA SLEEP!!!!!!!!

  • Today I am witness to a show of my humanity's best and worst.
  • I will watch the World Cup in my pajamas. 
  • Nepal is staying awake tonight, I bet. We're thinking it's worth it--all the tv cable/electricity bills, less schoolwork done if we don't sleep early so we're less energetic, original replica kits or jerseys, beer (for those dudes in the newly-christened Sports Bar and stuff). 
  • The Nepal-Philippines consul general made some amazing points in a speech just from his head. I cannot ever imagine memorising a long speech like that, let alone speak in front of people.
  • Does McDonalds Philippines have those Coke WC-themed cups again?
  • Stefan Bachmann is making tumblr?


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