Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can't this thing drive any farther?

Writer's block. It's supposed to be a medieval mixed with 17th or 18th century place--the stuff in the end of this part is an attempt to escape from the chains of w. block

We enter the forest, with the scent of burnt wood wafting around Winifred and I. We don't go as deep, though. At just the sign of rent trees and charred trunks, a strong hand grips my shoulder. "Not so fast, Aleks." The fingers are feminine and I see a beautiful face crowned with dark hair. The rest is cramped inside the physique and garb of one of our town's solid Watchers. Aunt Seraphina. She takes one look at Winifred. "Girlfriend?" My cheeks clog up with red, and shake my head furiously. 
"Adventure, then. Sorry, Aleksandar, I cannot let you in… Towards the dragon." I plead with her, unsheathing the dagger Winifred and I bought from the market in the outskirts. The hilt had a dragon carved in red sard. "No, you still cannot go past, even with a dagger. We worry for you, don't you know? …Yet, I hope you understand," she says, her hand now gently tilting my head to look into hers. 
"All right," I nod, eyes falling downcast. Then, a messenger comes to my aunt. "Captain," he pants, "There is still no sign of the dragon awakening. We have sent the letters to the cool reptile expert from Jurassic park and a dragon expert who was from the east but came here to retire and eat cream puffs all day long. They should like ask the super large dragon if it comes in peace or war. Plus there seems to be two Lay-Z Boys over its back and there is some popcorn parts by the seats. Search for geezers or science blokes is starting." 

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