Sunday, March 2, 2014

(Not) Been a long time coming since I've seen your face

Sorry, I wrote a new poem on Dad's BlackBerry while we were waiting for the light to come back bye

you may cry now
hello seattle
coffee beans on the window sill
wilting sunflower

i didn't know 
you would leave me in a battle
thought you'd save me they kill
but new blue skies every hour

ginger cat meows
only him and i in apartment
tv is on laptop charging
clothes on floor and bed

how you left it how
sit on the chair i can't
you aren't sitting with me darlin'
cat is hungry wasn't fed

open fridge there is a note
buy one milk and three breads
your handwriting
when do you come

cat is ok he ate in boat
in bathtub toilet paper shreds
i write in book keep in margin with love like rome

why is there soap you put in the fridge?
humming bird mind
air conditioner legit
empty mailbox work to do

photos of bridge
ice cream so fine
nice to be happy a bit
maybe it will last, coo!

bet your house messi score that
he did not he missed goal
change channel mancini's scarf on coatrack
blues miss him too do they

will you read this on your bat
cricket is good you are better, soul
is there internet or is there lack 
hope you will find way home yay

weeeeeeee~ let's cry now~ I wish I was famous on Wattpad

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