Tuesday, March 11, 2014

D'awwww, meat dagger

Nothing really to post about, but my dad wants to see a matinong (legit or PROPER *ahem, ahem*) blog post I wrote or just a matinong blog. YAAAAAAAAAAA~ that proves to be quite a task. So, let my blog posts be less random, less hipster-y, less worthless, have less memes, less annoyingly crazy from this day onwards. [Standing ovation]

Well, seems like I can't really help stopping that from happening.
I should really keep a diary journal, because suddenly for the past weeks the plotline of my life's been getting interesting things in it that are too many to put in here, and I have NOT kept track of them. But I have captured photos of them but plot twist, I CANNOT FIND MY CARD READER FOR MY CAMERA RAARGHARRGAHRGAHAGRHAGRHHHARAAHHGHGH sorry
So a spot of some photos from a month ago and their stories, I suppose.

I've recently downloaded new fonts because I liked seeing nice fonts, and I decided to test 'em out. Even though I do not like selfies. And I found this quote from 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers' by Sean Covey, which my dad gave me, thankfully, just as I began to be one, though I prefer to be called "young adolescent". Whoa what

 ENDER'S GAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've finally watched it, and I must say, both the book and the movie get 5 stars from me. Actually, I think if you didn't read the book before watching the movie, some of the feels from there won't get home to you, like argh Peter Wiggin's story, Alai's "Assalamu alaikum" to Ender before he moved to an army where in the book, it almost made me cry, the Bathroom Fight, and stuff. But both of them are in a class of their own. I mean, Asa Butterfield :

 Hah, I drew my classmate Anton, randomly for a random ask in Tumblr. We're in Narnia in my drawing there lol

Winter is breaking; spring dawning. There's a pretty patch of flowers in a hotel somewhere in Kathmandu. I've formulated that none of the stories, photographs or drawings that we call ours have really been done by us, as they are just snapshots, caricatures, descriptions of things that already exist on their own, thus that statement is invalid XD but never mind what I just said

 My premature-born bro is WALKINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Idiots flashback: *Virus's grandson kicks his face* "Good kick son! Wanna be a footballer?!" other students: WHOOOOOOOAAA

My dad started teaching me guitar a month ago (actually, I've only had 3 lessons from him so far -_-) and I LIEK IT. Surshala Music Academy, where are ur classes???? Dat's my mom's guitar and the D string died so I'm on a hiatus

Kathmandu seen from KFC Thapatali (idk how to spell). *advertising* Everybody, go to KFC Thapatali on any time of day and get photos of this shot from their window because it's marvellous plus their french fries are AWHSUUUM. 

Well that was adequate. 

M A T H  I S  H A R D  A N D  T H E  A G R I C U L T U R A L  F I E L D  S E E M S  L I K E  A  V I A B L E  P R O F E S S I O N  F O R  M E ,  D O N T C H A THINK?

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