Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am but a poor human being

It may be fun
It may be nice
I'm trying to be nice.

Pull me in
You grab my hands
Look back and see my teeth glint unwillingly

Why don't you see
Why can't you feel it somehow
know you are not numb.

The grass pinches our feet
You say you know they prick
But can't you hear me?

Glassy fingers
That belong to you
I want to kiss them

Pulling me towards
A big roller coaster
Look at me, boy, look at me.

I said look at me.
We're going to the ride now, tell me later.

You are strapped.
I am strapped to the coaster's seat too.
The contraption starts to whirl…

You know I'm scared
I need
To hold your hand.

What are you saying?
I can't hear you!

Ah, that's right.

You don't hear me.
And I wish I could hold your hand
But you aren't next to me no one is

She is next to you
I am not.

You don't hear.
I hear you tilt your head to look at her
I hear your heartbeat go faster

Nice, I am trying to be
To both of you
I hear your fingers land on hers

But her name is also Nice
Like in Italy
I've always tried to be her

And this is not fun
I wish I could pull off the straps
I am trying

I can pull them off.
Get away, from you
Because I love you it will be better this way

The contraption is still on
I am hanging on the edge of the roller coaster 
And you have to hear me.

You have to hear me
You have to hear me
You have to hear--

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