Friday, October 4, 2013

The Struggle/What have I done?

Unabridged (and unedited) overflow of thought for the graduation "My Homeschooling Experience" essay or something

·        I love homeschooling 30,000 feet above sea level—and that’s one of its benefits: I fly almost 6 times a year!

·        I am the only Filipino, besides my siblings, who is a TMA homeschooler taking up the trade in the Himalayan South Asia region.

·        In the future, I will be proud to tell my classmates in the UP and [prestigious college that I will still choose] that I was homeschooled until the very time that I am with them

·        I am proud to be homeschooled along with Jesus Christ, C.S. Lewis, William and Caroline Herschel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt.

·        I was introduced to Jesus at such a young age, and I am always thankful to be in the truth, to be a victim of the infectious, irresistible revolution sparked by the love and by Jesus Himself, and a recipient of His scandalous grace.

·        When I was a little homeschooler I decided submerge a Nokia phone supposed to be in my possession, in a small tub full of water to see if it would still work (and we all can guess what happens next). These are the small joys of learning as a homeschooler.

·        Because of homeschooling, I was enabled to have a diverse and eccentric childhood, learning things the unconventional way and have learned even more than the average human child.

·        In homeschooling, I discovered what it means to live and why we are actually on this Earth—Jesus. Because of homeschooling I have been given time to encounter who He is, what He has done and what I am supposed to do now after I have been taught what to believe in.

·        My parents, siblings and brothers and sisters in Christ (in Nepal and in the whole world) have been my steadfast encouragers, supporters, fire-that-purifies, and fellow kin in Jesus and homeschooling has strengthened my bonds with them.

·        Homeschooling has been very beneficial as we serve in the nation of Nepal; my studies have been utterly versatile and I get to learn from varied kinds of people whom we share the love of Jesus and gospel with.

·        Homeschool is what continues to be one of the things that fine tune me, as every day I am being perfected into a vessel that God will use to spread His love to the peoples of the Earth, which kind of starts with education.

·        I am blessed to be a part of the TMA Homeschool and to be a living testimony of brighter days and of love that trespasses all over the world. 

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